Brand Spotlight: Seeb Organics

Brand Spotlight: Seeb Organics

Seeb Organics founder, Hanna, is an Earth scientist!

While growing up in a household where her mom kept written beauty techniques and recipes passed down from generations. Hanna and her sister adopted a passion early in life in regards to the ancient beauty secrets of Persia and the entire Silk Road region.
 “Seeb” in the Farsi/Persian language means Apple and it is used as one of the 7 S’s in the Persian New Year known as Nowruz with the “Haft-seen” table as a symbol of health and beauty.  
“Haft-seen” is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter S, which is pronounced as “seen”, which is the 15th letter in the Persian alphabet. The Haft-seen table represents nature. 
The Persian new year is celebrated on the day of vernal equinox, marking the beginning of the spring on the Northern Hemisphere. The word “Seeb” was partnered with the English word “Solace”, which in combination, holds the meaning of “comfort and soothing.” 
The brand is a bridge between Eastern and Western remedies, hints the use of one Farsi word and one English word. 
Seeb Organics is a representative of health and beauty products that are soothing and aid to the maintenance of beautiful skin. 
Before the launch of Seeb ‘n Solace, now dubbed Seeb Organics, the founders engaged in 9 years of extensive and incessant travel, research, and development.  
Their Research and Development approach was  aimed at formulating unparalleled self-care and skin-care products that bridge ancient Eastern with modern Western remedies. 
With the support of modern science, they were able to establish a technique to ensure their oil-based serums could be utilized with faster skin absorption. Maintaining absorbtion without sacrificing the natural and biological properties of the ingredients was at the forefront of their product development process.
The resulting textures and formulas have proven to protect universal skin types, while also feeling natural and lightweight on the skin.
Seeb Organics is formulated by hand in the beautiful Ojai Valley, California. 

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